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Royal Dutch Shell
Product Design

Designed an internal enterprise platform. From learning domain knowledge, designing UX and UI, and conducting user interviews. This project was featured in Satya Nadella’s 2018 Microsoft Ignite Vision Keynote.
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Relativity Space website

Relativity Space
Web Development, Project Management

Led the design and development of the Relativity site and managed all client communication during the project. The goal was to create the company website that stands out from the industry and reflect the Relativity brand.
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Basecamp 3
Product Design, Web Development

As a product design intern at Basecamp in 2016, I learned Ruby on Rails and worked on a handful of projects in Basecamp 3 from A/B testing to experimenting and prototyping a feature from scratch.
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UrtheCast – GSIV
UX Design, Web Development

An internal system to visualize and explain the message flow of one workflow. From user research and user scenarios, to wireframes and then turning it into hi-fi prototypes before developing it in React.
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Kaya Life
UX Design, Product Development

An ecosystem of a series of products designed to help individuals with diabetes live their lives easier and with less pain. This ecosystem offers a prickless, bloodless way to measure glucose and ketone levels.
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Eva Air's Booking Module
(Proof of Concept)

UX Design

A fully interactive and responsive user interface of a re-design of Eva Air's booking module.
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All in the name of good fun and good food!




SUMMER 2016 – 2017

I wanted to learn more about Amazon and the marketplace as a seller and got to tour an Amazon fulfillment center and see the behind-the-scenes magic. 

In July 2016, I created the Modbrella brand and started selling a line of modern umbrellas. They were double-layered, windproof, inverted umbrellas that were Fulfilled by Amazon in both Canada and the U.S.. Highly rated by our customers and sold out in Autumn! In Canada, we got orders spanning from Victoria to St. John's. In the U.S., we got orders from Hawaii to Maine.

After the success of Modbrella, I created the Kama Naturals brand and launched three lines of essential oil sets on Amazon.ca: Essential SeriesNamaste Blends, and Wellness Blends.

It’s been a roller coaster but also a wonderful experience to work on the branding, marketing, photography, operations, logistics, accounting, and customer service.

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2011 – PRESENT

Combining my love for Disney and a way to keep up with Facebook pages, insights and analytics, I organically grew the page's followers to over 15,000 and had fun doing so.






2009 – PRESENT

Fueling with Flavour is my Supermom's recipe blog that pays homage to a multitude of cultures. We've curated a collection of tasty, wholesome, rich, hearty and satisfying recipes.

I help maintain the blog, fix bugs, manage ads, tweak the design of the templates we use, and I recreate my mama's amazing recipes, and remain her #1 commenter. I do it all for brownie points and, of course, actual brownies – and tiramisuchocolate pudding and vla, and waffles!

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